One Ted Falls Out of Bed

This is a lovely book from Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey.  It’s a rhyming, counting book set at bedtime in a child’s room.

One Ted falls out of bed.  He tugs and pulls the bedclothes BUT…

Two eyes are tight shut. He jumps and shouts and makes a fuss,

Till three mice say, ‘Play with us!’ “

There are six kind dolls and seven trolls, nine frogs playing tunes and five bright stars in the sky.  The numbers build to ten and then as Ted attempts to get back into bed his staircase breaks and everything counts back down again.  The ending works beautifully, as, in response to the noise:

Two eyes open wide,

And one ted…

Is back in bed.

The final picture shows the sleeping child in bed, fast asleep, with Ted’s bright eyes peeping out from under the covers.  There are some lovely rhymes and the slight shifts in the rhyme pattern change the pace of the story effectively at different times.

This is a well-crafted, simple, but effective book, with touching and appealing illustrations.  It is an ideal bedtime story.


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