I Feel Happy

This is a book from the ‘little learners’ range at Parragon Books.  The tabs that stick out are extra pull-out pages that make it enjoyable for little ones to play with and give it that bit of extra interest.

It’s a very simple book that aims to educate children about their emotions.  Each page shows a different animal or family of animals and associates a task or situation with an emotion.  For example:

“I feel happy… when I’m with my family.  I feel sad… when I say goodbye to Grandma.  I feel loved… by Mummy and Daddy.”


“I feel grumpy… if something is hard to do.  I feel pleased… when I learn something new.”

Although the choice of emotions and reasons does not follow any obvious pattern and they seem to have been chosen at random (‘bored’ and ‘hungry’, for example, are not the same kind of feelings as ‘scared’ and ‘proud) this is none the less a good book for promoting emotional literacy and opening the door to discussions about different feelings.  There aren’t many books that focus on this exclusively and the pull-out tabs ensure this one will hold their interest.

Not perfect, but a useful book regardless.


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