T’wit T’woo!

Maddy McClellan’s bemused-looking owls tumble through the pages in a short but sweet book for babies and toddlers.

“Owls in the kitchen, owls in the hall,

Owls playing with my shoes, owls big and small.


Owls reading lots of books, owls without a care…

Owls having hoots of fun, owls everywhere!”

Each little snippet covers a double page of cavorting owls in an assortment of colours.  They are stealing biscuits from the jar, peeping out of the teapot, wearing hats, sleeping in shoes, hanging upside down from lampshade, exploring the watering can and flapping around with balloons.  Although the rhyme is very short and simple, there is plenty to talk about in the illustrations and the overall design is bright, cheerful and comical.  Every child I’ve seen with this book loves it, especially the ‘dark’ page, consisting of nothing but a few hoots and some little orange owl eyes.

This is a great size and length for small children.  Small, square and robust, it is ideal for little hands, and it’s just the right length to be worth reading whilst still holding their attention.

A delightful little book for the very young.

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