Counting Colours

This is a beautiful, educational book.  Published by Priddy Books, it should provide hours of entertainment for children of a wide range of ages.

The front cover shows the same style as the inside.  Each double page has a colour written across the middle (about 4 inches high), and that is surrounded (almost engulfed) by photographs at various scales of a plethora of different objects in that colour.  The overall effect is a riot in blue, and pink, and orange, and brown, and white… Visually it is arresting and effective.  Around the outside, printed on a border colour the same as that page’s theme, are a list of 55 things to find in the picture.  For example, on the yellow page, you are asked to find 1 busy digger; 2 tasty bananas; 3 buckets; 4 toy dump trucks; 5 pairs of scissors; 6 chicks; 7 sour lemons; 8 pasta shapes; 9 sunflowers and 10 rubber ducks.

There is so much entertainment to be had from this book simply looking at all the objects, but it works educationally as well.  Engaging with this book with an adult children will learn colour recognition, number skills, spatial awareness, memory, adjectives, and the names of objects – older children could even try making links between unlikely items in a story, or trying to remember what is where on the page.

An easy book to enjoy, but used well an excellent teaching aid as well.


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