This is a beautifully presented re-telling of the classic tale.

The text is by Lynn Roberts and the story is illustrated by her brother David.  Their version is set, very elegantly, in an Art-deco style.  Cinderella’s ball-gown is a flapper dress with long pearls; her transport to the ball is an enormous Rolls Royce; the wicked step-mother’s feather hair ornament is about three feet long, and Cinderella watches her sisters depart for the ball with a copy of Vogue in her apron and a couple of Clarice Cliff mugs on the draining board.  The drawings are delicate and detailed, with many tiny things for observant little eyes to spot, and full of humour.  One rather green-faced ugly sister clutches an ice-pack to her head the morning after the Ball, and the two of them are seen making a real effort to spoil the wedding photos on the last page.

Lynn Roberts’ text is a strong one.  The story is fleshed out with details like Cinderella’s name (Greta), and those of the step-sisters, Elvira and Ermintrude: “Elvira was as wicked as Ermintrude was dim, and Ermintrude was very, very dim.”  The writing is fluent and easy to read. “In a time not too long ago, and in a land much like our own, there lived a young and beautiful girl…”  The words are quite sophisticated and there is a subtlety to the humour that would suit slightly older children, so given this and the length it is probably better for the over-threes, but bookish two year olds would definitely enjoy it.

A classic story lifted out of the ordinary by the elegant detail of the period setting.

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