The Bookworm is on Facebook!

There’s nothing very exciting there yet, so that exclamation mark may be a bit premature, but hopefully this will give new opportunities for people to gain access to the book reviews.  If you’re reading this and you have a good suggestion for something to review or that you’d like a second opinion on, the Facebook page would be a great place to put it.

You could also ask for recommendations for books for children with particular interests, or give your opinions on something you’ve read recently.  Perhaps you have a book you want to do more with but need help coming up with activities or things to discuss.  Or maybe you’ve had a great moment when reading with your child that you just want to share.

Even if you don’t have anything to contribute, you can ‘like’ the page or use it as a means to tell others about the blog.  If you find it useful, perhaps others will too.  This little bookworm is still finding its feet (which is difficult, as bookworms don’t tend to have any) so all help in spreading the word would be appreciated.

You can find The Eager Little Bookworm on Facebook, here

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