Ten in the Bed

“There were ten in the bed and the little one said ‘Roll over, roll over…”

This simple little book is based on the traditional song.  The ‘little one’ is a small child and the other nine are the toys he shares his (fairly large) bed with.

“So they all rolled over and Croc fell out – Thud!”

Each time another animal falls out with a different sound, until finally they are all on the floor and there is only one in the bed…

“…and the little one said – ‘I’m cold! I miss you!’  So they all came back and jumped into bed: Hedgehog, Mouse, Nellie, Zebra, Ted, the little one, Croc, Bear and Sheep – ten in the bed, all fast asleep.”

The ending makes this an obvious choice for a bedtime story, and it is a good book for those who need something shorter or simpler; ideal for older babies and younger toddlers just starting to need a book at bedtime.  Great fun can be had doing the different falling noises (thud, thump, plop, crash, bang etc) and children will enjoy the repetitive structure in the same way as they tend to like the song.

Short and sweet, Ten in the Bed has sold over a million copies, and there are a couple of others in the series too – Ten Out of Bed and Ten Play Hide and Seek.


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