Goodnight Harry

Poor Harry the cuddly elephant.  He has his bath and gets himself all ready for bed.  His friends Lulu and Ted are snuggled up with him, but while they drift off to sleep Harry finds he can’t.   He tries all sorts of things: reading a story, tidying up, jumping up and down – but when he gets back into bed he still can’t sleep.  Then he starts to worry and fret about not sleeping, and fidgets so much that he wakes up his friends. Fortunately, they have a way to help him.

This story is beautifully illustrated and all three toy characters are very sweet, especially Harry, whose brown fur looks virtually strokeable.  The story will be a familiar one to many – who hasn’t felt the frustration of lying awake, desperate to nod off? – and the comforting, reassuring ending should give children confidence that when they do suffer from insomnia they will eventually be able to go back to sleep.  The language is gentle and lilting and the falling cadences over the last few pages are calm and relaxing, making this an ideal bedtime story.

Kim Lewis’ book is a sweet, simple story that deals with a real-life problem in a charming way.   Good for bedtime with younger children.

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