Cleo the Cat

This fabulous little book was an unexpected hit for us – and bought for 99p at one of those factory outlet type bookshops.  It has been in constant demand for nearly three years by both little bookworms and was the first book that the elder one learned off by heart.

Cleo is a lonely little cat who sets out to find a friend.  She wanders into a home and, although initially frightened, when she is given a saucer of milk she calms down and falls asleep purring in someone’s lap.

Caroline Mockford’s drawings are absolutely exquisite – bright, simple and stylish – and the text is short and sweet.  There are only a couple of lines per page and the story trips along gently in rhyming quatrains.

It’s very short, so great for babies, and the falling intonation at the end makes it an effective bedtime story:  “Cleo licks her paws / Cleo takes a leap / Cleo starts to purr / Cleo falls asleep.”

A lovely little book.


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